Election 2015

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Election 2015: Conservatives edge forward leaving NDP and Liberals locked in second-place tie

Vast uncommitted voters may cause white-knuckle finish, say they’ll lock in choices “just before” Oct 19 October 1, 2015 – With only 19 days left in the 2015 federal election campaign, a volatile electorate is enabling the Conservative Party of

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Election 2015: Canadians profess decline in international reputation in last decade by margin of 2:1

Yet Stephen Harper still seen as best leader to represent this country on the world stage September 28, 2015 – As Canada’s main political party leaders prepare to square off in a debate on foreign affairs and international issues, Canadians

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Election 2015: Promises, Promises – Canadians weigh in on the economic proposals of the parties

Poll asking Canadians to rate party’s fiscal promises finds soft, committed CPC voters on different tracks September 16, 2015 – In an election campaign dominated by economic issues, which party’s fiscal promises resonate most with Canadians? Which are falling flat?

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Election 2015: To Have and Have Not; Canadians’ Economic Anxiety Shapes Campaign Perspective

Those who say they’re “Haves” back the Conservative Party; “Have-Nots” size up opposition alternatives September 14, 2015 – The economy continues to be the dominating issue of this federal election campaign, and new data from the Angus Reid Institute (ARI)

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Canadians divided along political lines over whether to accept thousands of refugees in current crisis

Poll reveals schism between religious and non-religious Conservative Party supporters September 4, 2015 – With the Harper government under fire on the campaign trail for its reaction to the European migrant crisis and refugee policy in general, new data from

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Electoral Record Continued

US National Elections United States – November 2020 Angus Reid accurately forecast a popular vote victory for Joe Biden. Actual Angus Reid Trump (R) 47% 45% Biden (D) 51% 53% Other 2% 2% Av. Err. -1.3 United States – November 2016

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