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Deal or No Deal? Most Canadians support union demands for wage premiums, but more divided over higher pay

Past CPC voters oppose most demands, among past Liberal, NDP voters, considerable support April 21, 2023 – As the largest public service strike in Canadian history enters its first weekend, new data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a

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Overpaid or undervalued? Politics divides opinions of federal employees’ working conditions & compensation

Past CPC voters three times as likely as past Liberals & New Democrats, to say federal workers overpaid April 27, 2023 – As the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike passes the one-week mark, both sides in the contract

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Employee Advantage: With job market remaining tight, many workers continue to resist a return to the office

Half who returned to office after COVID-19 hiatus say it was employers’ decision, one-third their own April 17, 2023 – Canada’s federal government recently joined corporate behemoths Amazon and Disney in announcing a mandatory return (at least part-time) to the

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Tightening up, drawing down: Vast majority of Canadians making tough decisions to handle cost-of-living crisis

Two-in-five say they’ve taken money from savings or other accounts that they generally try to avoid April 6, 2023 – More than a year into a stubborn and persistent cost-of-living crisis, a considerable number of Canadians have progressed from belt-tightening

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Bank Account Blues: Half of Canadians say they’re worse off than a year ago, far fewer expect improvement

Budget looms; cost of living a higher concern than health care, environment for those in financial rut March 20, 2023 – As the federal government prepares to table its budget on March 28, a turbulent year has left many Canadians

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Fear of Renewal: Most new homebuyers ‘very worried’ next term will bring much higher monthly payments

Half of variable rate mortgage holders having a tough time financially; one-in-three with fixed rate May 2, 2023 – The Bank of Canada held its key rate firm in April, but five more dates are set aside for possible rate

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