COVID at Two

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Back to work(place): As employers beckon, telecommuters grow more entrenched at home

Those working from home more likely than those who don’t to say their life improved over last two years March 23, 2022 – With work-from-home orders a thing of the past, Canadian employers are getting more serious about calling their

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Thinking of the children: Two-thirds of parents feel kids’ well-being an afterthought in pandemic decisions

Seven-in-ten say remote learning was hard on their family, one-in-three children had difficulty with studies March 21, 2022 – The past two years have proven an immense challenge for parents, as many tried their hand at math, science, and social

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As 24 months of pandemic restrictions lift, are Canadians ready – or reluctant – to let go?

Canadians still hesitant to withdraw proof of vaccination measures, masking in indoor spaces March 15, 2022 – The winding down of COVID-19 restrictions has begun in most of the country, and it’s being met with both confidence, and concern. A

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Two Years of COVID-19: Half of Canadians say their mental health has worsened; women under 55 hit hardest

Physical health a challenge – all age-gender groups more likely to say it has worsened versus improved March 11, 2022 – As Canadians hold onto hope that COVID-19 case totals will continue to trend downward, many are looking forward to

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COVID at Two: Vast majorities say the pandemic has pulled Canadians apart, brought out the worst in people

Seven-in-ten believe Canada’s health-care system is not well-prepared to handle a future pandemic March 10, 2022 – Two years. Of illness and recovery. Of death and loss. Of scientific breakthroughs at breakneck speed. Of moments of unexpected kindness. Of anxiety

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