COVID-19: Half want boosters ASAP, but two-in-five among vaccinated say they’re not sold on another shot

One-in-five vaccinated Canadians say they don’t believe the shot is effective at preventing serious illness July 18, 2022 – An emerging seventh wave of the COVID-19 virus – spurred forth by the BA.5 variant of Omicron – has health officials

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As COVID BA.5 cases surge, Canadians’ desire to implement mask mandates or vaccine passports plunges

Three-quarters (74%) say masking effective, though fewer (51%) would make it mandatory in public July 20, 2022 – Provincial governments in Canada are attempting to maintain a delicate balance amid a summer surge of COVID-19 cases, fueled by the BA.5

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Fret vs. no sweat? Generational divide drives concern over next COVID-19 wave and preventing infection spread

Men younger than 55 years less worried than others; less willing to stay home or wear a mask July 19, 2022 – For at least the seventh time in an ongoing pandemic, Canadians are once again faced with a decision

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