Canada and the Culture Wars

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Canada and the Culture Wars: Most point to some progress reducing racism, but far fewer call it ‘significant’

Two-in-five Canadians say they face discrimination based on their ethnicity or race September 27, 2023 – Is Canada a racist country? A country accepting of many cultures and languages? A country that embraces difference? As with so many issues confronting

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Canada and the Culture Wars: On gender, more than half say a person is male or female, but one-third say that’s ‘too limiting’

Most would be accepting of child who wished to change gender identity, but hesitant on hormone therapy September 19, 2023 – Gender expression is changing in Canada, and a chasm is forming in the ways in which this issue is

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Canada and the Culture Wars: In the first of a multi-part series, Canadians weigh in on the nation’s divided discourse

Canadians say we’re changing how we talk to each other, split over whether it’s a good or bad thing September 11, 2023 – It’s a familiar refrain these days: Canadians are having a harder time talking to each other. A

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