Canadians need real answers on allegations of election meddling by China

by David Korzinski | March 3, 2023 9:54 am

By Shachi Kurl, President

There are three things in life to always cherish: one’s health, one’s relationships with loved ones, and the integrity of Canadian democracy.

Discussion over the latter peaked this past week with senior security officials repeating that, despite allegations Beijing attempted to influence the outcomes of both the 2019 and 2021 elections and ensure the federal Liberals formed a minority government over the opposition Conservatives, no concrete evidence exists that it happened, or that it worked.

If only that reassurance hadn’t been preceded by hefty amounts of defensiveness and reticence from the Liberals, the prime minister and his caucus members, suggesting that among other things, the issue wasn’t worth talking about because they either didn’t know about the allegations; because the allegations weren’t true; the allegations conjured anti-Asian racism; or that even asking about the allegations was akin to using “Trump-like tactics.”[1]

Read more from the article in the Ottawa Citizen here.[2]

Image – Dylan McLeod/Unsplash

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  2. Read more from the article in the Ottawa Citizen here.:

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