Canadians back Trudeau’s move to remove Senators from Liberal caucus three-to-one

Canadians back Trudeau’s move to remove Senators from Liberal caucus three-to-one

January 30, 2014 – The first national poll conducted after Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau’s surprise move to expel Liberal senators from his caucus shows 53 per cent of respondents either strongly or somewhat approve of the decision, while nearly one-third (31%) are still digesting the news and don’t know how they feel about it.

Less than one-fifth (16%) disapprove of Trudeau’s decision.

Canadians are split about what it says – or doesn’t say – about the leader. 38 per cent say Trudeau’s actions represent “a bold move” that “shows leadership”, while 32 per cent say it’s a “meaningless stunt aimed at minimizing damage to the Liberal party.” Just under one-third (29%) say they don’t know.

Of note: support for Trudeau’s decision is highest among past NDP voters. 70 per cent of respondents who voted for the New Democrats in the 2011 federal election approve of his move, compared to 68 per cent of respondents who cast a vote for the federal Liberals in 2011, and 41 per cent of those who chose the Conservative Party of Canada.

“These are very early numbers that take the initial temperature of Canadians on Trudeau’s maneuver on Senate reform,” says Shachi Kurl, Vice President, Angus Reid Global. “At first glance, Trudeau may have reason to feel optimistic about his political gamble. However, the significant number of Canadians who are undecided about this issue means the battle for hearts and minds is far from over.”

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