Can Trudeau and the Liberals get their mojo back?

Can Trudeau and the Liberals get their mojo back?

By Shachi Kurl, President

In eight years on the job, Justin Trudeau has confronted a lot of crises he didn’t create. It’s not an overstatement to say he’s been a prime minister more assailed and beleaguered by external and unforeseen events than his recent predecessors were.

They endured sleepless nights and critical situations too, but cannot claim to have had to respond to an unhinged counterpart in the White House; a once-in-100-year global pandemic; a protest convoy that laid siege to the nation’s capital; an invasion of Ukraine by Russia; an invasion of Israel by Hamas; Israel’s corresponding counterattack; the extra-judicial kidnapping of two of Canadians by China; and the apparent extra-judicial killing, allegedly tied to India, of one more. Gosh, the prime minister must be tired.

Regardless, the country is tired of him. Not so much for the things he couldn’t control, but for the events, and his responses to events, that he could.

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Image Credit – Adam Scotti/PMO