The Project

In partnership with the University of Alberta's (UofA) Intercultural Communication Lab, this report reveals the experiences and emotions of those directly affected by COVID-19-related racism, discrimination, and prejudice, and is part of a broader and more in-depth COVID-19 related inquiry. Other aspects of this in-depth study include a general population canvassing of preventative behaviours aimed at slowing the spread of the virus, as well as more general perspectives about the virus, its origin, and its manifestation in Canada. Data gleaned from these other surveys will be released at a future point.

The Report

Blame, bullying and disrespect: Chinese Canadians reveal their experiences with racism during COVID-19

Half say they have been called names or otherwise insulted during COVID-19 outbreak June 22, 2020 – It has been

About the Partners

About the Intercultural Communication Lab:

The Intercultural Communication Lab is part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta, directed by Dr. Kimberly Noels. Its research broadly concerns intercultural communication, including language learning across diverse social and cultural contexts and the interrelations between language and ethnic identity development.

About Angus Reid Institute:

The Angus Reid Institute (ARI) was founded in October 2014 by pollster and sociologist, Dr. Angus Reid. ARI is a national, not-for-profit, non-partisan public opinion research foundation established to enhance and encourage better understanding of political, cultural and socioeconomic issues affecting Canadians. ARI commissions, conducts and disseminates original, publicly accessible and impartial statistical public opinion polling research and policy analysis.
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