Analysis: Foreign meddling in Canada’s democracy: Why can’t Libs and Tories get their act together?

By Shachi Kurl, President

May 24, 2024 –

In the same week the very last living veterans of the Second World War gathered in northern France to remind us of the sacrifices once made to safeguard democracy, Canadian parliamentarians showed how poorly we are acknowledging and repaying all that they gave.

At issue: an alarming, astonishing report from this country’s National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP). It claims that a number of Canadian politicians communicated with foreign missions, accepted money from foreign governments, or provided foreign diplomats with privileged information on the work or opinions of fellow parliamentarians, knowing that the information could be used to manipulate some other MPs and senators.

The reactions of our two main political parties have been appallingly weak. One would think these allegations were so disturbing and dangerous that the parties would work together to mitigate the threat. Instead, we have seen the usual posturing and reckless politicization of the issue that has come to define the worst of federal politics today.

Read more from the article in the Ottawa Citizen here.

Image Credit – Robbie Palmer/Unsplash

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