A year out from a federal election, Trudeau’s base still loves him

A year out from a federal election, Trudeau’s base still loves him

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director

In a trend reminiscent of Sally Field’s famously misquoted Oscar speech, “You like me … you really like me!” let there be little doubt that members of the Liberal Party base still like Justin Trudeau. They really do.

Probably to the chagrin of his critics, they still like him for being the leader the Conservative Party worked so hard to mock. They embrace that “nice hair,” that exuberance, those sunny ways.

Three years after the Liberals roared back to majority government, the unofficial countdown to the next election – currently scheduled for one year from now – is underway. And while the Trudeau government’s vulnerability on files such as border security and the TransMountain pipeline means nothing can ever be taken for granted, the prime minister may be better positioned with his own base today than his opponents are with theirs.

For the rest of this piece, please view it on the Ottawa Citizen’s site, where it was initially published.

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