Top Stories of 2016: Number 3 – Political correctness, gone too far?

For the last 10 days of 2016, the Angus Reid Institute is counting down our top 10 stories of the year, based on the total number of pageviews they received at This is number 3.

The concept of “political correctness” was the subject of considerable discussion in 2016, as Donald Trump and his supporters continually flouted the unwritten rules of American political discourse, and accused those who called them out on this behaviour of being “too politically correct.”

In Canada, the Angus Reid Institute found that most Canadians see through this defense, with 57 per cent agreeing with the statement “people who complain about political correctness just resent that they can’t say everything they want to anymore.”

That said, the institute also found ample evidence of frustration with the degree to which they feel their language is constrained by the expectations of others. Some two-in-three Canadians (67%) said too many people are easily offended over the language of others, and three-quarters (76%) agreed with the statement “political correctness has gone too far.”

Read the full study here:

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