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Election 2015: To Have and Have Not; Canadians’ Economic Anxiety Shapes Campaign Perspective

Those who say they’re “Haves” back the Conservative Party; “Have-Nots” size up opposition alternatives September 14, 2015 – The economy continues to be the dominating issue of this federal election campaign, and new data from the Angus Reid Institute (ARI)

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Canadians divided along political lines over whether to accept thousands of refugees in current crisis

Poll reveals schism between religious and non-religious Conservative Party supporters September 4, 2015 – With the Harper government under fire on the campaign trail for its reaction to the European migrant crisis and refugee policy in general, new data from

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Election 2015: One-third of Canadians say they’re “falling behind”, embrace Mulcair 2:1 over Harper, Trudeau

Party choice tied heavily to personal economic circumstances August 28, 2015 – As party leaders spar over deficits and stimulus spending, they do so with good reason: the latest public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds vote intention at

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Election 2015: NDP leads, but CPC’s base is most solid

Nearly one-in-three Canadians choose a Liberal-NDP coalition as the most preferred election outcome August 26, 2015 – As the 2015 general election in Canada closes out the first month of campaigning, the New Democratic Party (NDP) carries momentum – and

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The Duffy trial: Senate scandal testimony threatens Harper’s fortunes among soft Conservative voters

Majority of Canadians say scandal runs deeper than Duffy/Wright; most don’t believe Harper’s version August 20, 2015 – Days of bombshell revelations and conflicting testimony over who in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s inner circle knew what, and when, regarding the

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Election 2015: The Politics of Healthcare

Access to primary care reported to be worst in Quebec, but one-third have difficulty nationwide September 25th, 2015 – A new survey of Canadian experiences with the health care system finds significant divides when it comes to access to primary care.

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