Gérald Grisé, Associate

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Student of business administration, psychology, and a Master’s graduate in sociology from the University of Ottawa, Gerry is fluently bilingual. A global research methodologist, Gerry has been involved in field and operations relating to market research and public opinion polling since the mid-eighties when he co-founded and managed the Price Waterhouse National Survey Center, working in parallel as a senior consultant in their marketing division. Gerry joined the Angus Reid Group as Vice President Operations in 1991, managing and overseeing all field operations, keypunch, coding, Data, and IT. In 1994, Gerry joined the Ottawa team as Vice President Public Affairs, designing, managing, and conducting qualitative and quantitative studies for public and private sector clients. Gerry later developed international research capabilities for the Group, and in 1996 Gerry launched the global research division of the Angus Reid Group. Promoted to Senior Vice President Global Research Operations for Ipsos, Gerry managed hundreds of major international studies for large blue-chip clients spanning well over 80 different countries around the globe. Member of ESOMAR and the AMA for over twenty years, Gerry brings unparalleled methodological expertise and research experience to the Angus Reid Institute.

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