EKOS: October 16 – 18

EKOS asked all respondents the question “Thinking about the upcoming federal election on October 19th, have you already voted either at an advance poll or by special ballot?” Those who answered yes were asked “How did you vote in this election?”

Those who answered no to the first question were asked “How do you plan to vote in the upcoming federal election on October 19th?” And those who were undecided were asked the follow-up question “As it stands, towards which party are you leaning?”

Results reported take into account only decided and leaning voters, which removes the 8 per cent who reported that they are undecided, and the 14.2 per cent of respondents who failed to answer or skipped the question.

EKOS used IVR (1,524 people) and Computer-Assisted Live Interviews (598 people) to generate a sample of 2,122 Canadian adults using both cell phones and landlines. The margin of error for their poll is reported at +/-2.1%, 19 times out of 20. Results are weighted to census data for gender, age, region, and education.

Results: Liberal 35.8 per cent, CPC 31.9 per cent, NDP 20.4 per cent.

Angus Reid Institute

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