Flu Shots: Should they be legally required for doctors, teachers? Most Canadians say “yes”

Majority also say flu vaccines are effective, but don’t actually get one March 8, 2016 – More than 70 per cent of Canadians say professionals who work with people who are especially susceptible to influenza should have to get a

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Canadians have a more favourable view of their Supreme Court than Americans have of their own

Most find the current process for appointing justices unacceptable, however. August 17, 2015 – In the academic world, it’s known as the “courts/parliament trade-off:” people either believe one institution or the other should have the final say on contentious policy

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Zika Virus: Most Canadians would reconsider travel plans to avoid infection

High levels of concern for athletes and spectators traveling to 2016 Olympics in Rio  May 12, 2016 – As summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, the medical community is anxiously waiting to see whether warmer weather will bring with it

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Metro Vancouver transit referendum: Who voted yes, who voted no, and what will it mean for the region?

Despite their defeat, yes voters were more likely to say holding the transit plebiscite was a good idea. July 3, 2015 – Now what? After a fractious 10-week campaign, Elections BC released the results of the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite Thursday,

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Open-door policy? Majority support government decision not to increase 2017 refugee targets

One-quarter say they would support a Trump-style ban on Syrian refugees coming to Canada Feb 20, 2017 – As the American travel ban on refugees, visitors and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries creates serious foreign policy differences between Canada and

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‘Good Role Models’ or ‘Unwomanly’? Canadian views on gender, sport and the Women’s World Cup

Most embrace women in sports, but some activities they wouldn’t choose first for their daughters.   June 26, 2015 – As the FIFA Women’s World Cup takes centre stage across Canada, a new public opinion poll shows a clear divide in Canadian

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