Eager to reconnect: Canadians most excited to hug friends, eat out, go back to work when COVID-19 threat recedes

Timeline for ‘back to normal’ continues to lengthen, with most now saying it will be three months or longer April 13, 2020 – What was likely the quietest Easter long weekend Canadians have known in their lifetimes is giving way

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COVID-19 & return to normal: when restrictions lift, most would wait at least two weeks before resuming routines

Parks and workplaces top the list of places Canadians would like to see re-opened first April 20, 2020 – As debates simmer over how to continue to squash the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 without completely depriving the

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Holy Week at Home: Canadians of faith turn to prayer & tech as COVID-19 disrupts Easter and other celebrations

Significant segment of Canadians supported by faith communities since COVID-19 outbreak began April 10, 2020 – Canada’s Catholics will not participate in the Way of the Cross processions this spring. For many elderly Jews, Pesach likely meant being alone, for

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Modern Morality: For Canadians, stealing streaming services generates more of a moral conundrum than assisted dying

Half say that moral values are getting weaker in society, just 10 per cent say they’re getting stronger April 15, 2020 – Moral concepts have risen and fallen throughout history. Religion, culture and convenience often play a role in deciding

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COVID-19: Canadians near-unanimous in expectations of economic woe as pandemic enters second month

Three-in-ten want more information from government, health officials to fully understand situation April 6, 2020 – As the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic worsen on both health and economic fronts across Canada, people in this country are under few illusions.

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COVID-19 Carelessness: Which Canadians say pandemic threat is ‘overblown’? And how are they behaving in turn?

Those most skeptical of the outbreak least likely to engage in hygiene and distancing actions March 30, 2020 – Since the novel coronavirus took root in Canadian communities, opinion about the threat it poses has evolved: from initial curiosity and

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