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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Uncertainty reigns among half of Canadians as federal government signs trade deal

Canadians expect the deal to have a positive effect on consumer choices, less so on the economy, jobs February 4, 2016 – As the federal government moves Canada another step closer to joining the Trans Pacific Partnership by signing the

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Economy and the Budget: Nearly half of Canadians want Ottawa to stand pat on $10 billion deficit plan

Three-quarters of Canadians say they’re worried about the economy; three-in-five think it will get worse February 3, 2016 – With low oil prices wreaking havoc on the nation’s resource sector, the stock market in turmoil, and the Canadian dollar sinking

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Sinking dollar has Canadians vowing to eliminate or cut way back on cross-border shopping, U.S. travel

Majority express pessimism, anxiety about low dollar’s impact on the economy  January 29, 2016 – More than two-in-five Canadians say the declining value of the loonie against the U.S. dollar has them cutting south-of-the-border travel out of their plans entirely,

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Sluggish economy could make TPP trickier for Trudeau

By Shachi Kurl January 27, 2016 – News the Trudeau Liberals will sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership – the 12-country trade deal involving nations that line the Pacific Rim – has the potential to take a different tone against the backdrop of

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Trans-Pacific Partnership: Canadians say trade deal is good for consumers, uncertain of impact on jobs, the economy

Canadian opinion dominated by uncertainty as full text of twelve-country agreement still under wraps October 22, 2015 – The Trans-Pacific Partnership – the 12-country trade agreement between nations along the Pacific Rim – will be among the first major foreign

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Canadians open to bigger trade relationships, but uncertainty lingers over Trans-Pacific Partnership

Nearly half of Canadians say they don’t know enough about the proposed TPP to have an opinion. April 29, 2015 – Canadians appear to be increasingly bullish about building closer ties with trading partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia,

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