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Overcoming platitudes and parsimony: How do Canada’s overseas NGOs better connect with donors?

By Dave Korzinski, Research Associate The Angus Reid Institute recently released two public opinion research reports that explore Canadian views of the overseas development aid (ODA) sector. These studies expose several broad trends that may be of particular interest to

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Could pharmacare be the pill that heals the ailing Trudeau government?

By Shachi Kurl – Executive Director There are headaches, and there are brain tumours. While pollsters’ steady drip of bad headlines are surely causing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his government and advisers no end of cranial pain, what’s yet to

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Elections are like Fords’ football – and Wynne may throw a Hail Mary

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director We may never know what curse from what grandmother from which old country has bedeviled the Ontario Progressive Conservatives so badly. Since Patrick Brown’s tearful news conference Jan. 24, the party has been beset by

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How Canadian – we’re split on twinning the pipeline

By Shachi Kurl – Executive Director We’ve all witnessed enough family fights to know that when the siblings go at it, they’re simultaneously keeping tongues focused on the insults and eyes focused on which relatives are nodding in agreement. After

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Sexual misconduct – same crap, different era

By Shachi Kurl – Executive Director When I was growing up, they told us girls we could have it all. Careers in sciences and maths (or whatever we wanted), financial independence, sex appeal, kids … like, ALL of it. Along with those

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As the foreign buyers debate rages on, most Metro Vancouver residents made up their minds long ago

By Ian Holliday, Research Associate, Angus Reid Institute January 30, 2018 For years, observers of Metro Vancouver’s runaway housing market have debated the extent to which foreign buyers are to blame for driving up the cost of real estate in

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