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Amid concern over spread of gun violence, majorities support ban on handguns, assault weapons

Opposition to ban on firearms driven largely by men, rural Canadians, gun owners May 24, 2019 –. Whether it’s recent mass killings in Penticton, B.C., ongoing gang-related shootings in Toronto, or the Quebec City mosque killings in 2017, communities across

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Digesting poll results means chewing over the data carefully

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director Like grief (OK, not entirely), there appear to be five stages to the way journalists, political junkies and various interested folks consume political polls. Stage one is Keen Top-Line Craving, in which survey readers gluttonously

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Updated Electoral Record

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Lowering the federal voting age in Canada to 16 sounds good in principle … but in practice?

By Shachi Kurl, Executive Director Elections Canada may have hired (then later fired) a dozen or so social media influencers to persuade young people to vote this fall, but the bigger question is: How much influence on democracy should the

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Shovels in the ground: More than half of Canadians say Liberals made right decision in approving TransMountain expansion

But will it be built? Six-in-ten say yes, while four-in-ten say they’re not convinced June 21, 2019 – Indigenous rights, economic debates, provincial tension, climate change and environmental protection; all of these are at the core of not only the

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