Canadians Blame Owners for NHL Lockout, Most Expect to Lose Season

Two-in-five hockey fans in Canada are watching minor league games more often than before the lockout, and 31% have switched to NFL Football.

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Reagan, Clinton Still Regarded as Best Recent American Presidents

George W. Bush and Barack Obama are tied as the worst heads of state, with Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon far behind.

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Most Canadians Would Block Proposed Takeover of Nexen

Practically four-in-five respondents believe foreign governments should not be able to control resources on Canadian soil.

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Conservatives Drop, New Democrats Improve in British Columbia

The disapproval rating for John Cummins increased by 11 points since September, as the governing BC Liberals bleed support to both main rivals.

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Opposition to Northern Gateway Remains High in British Columbia

Fewer people now say that they could change their mind on the project if certain conditions are met.

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Nurses, Doctors Are Most Respected Jobs in Canada, U.S. and Britain

Less than three-in-ten respondents in the three countries express respect for politicians.

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