British Columbians Support Missing Women Inquiry Recommendations

Most respondents in Metro Vancouver support the creation of a single police force that would oversee the entire Lower Mainland.

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Wall Finishes the Year as Canada’s Most Popular Premier

Quebec’s Pauline Marois is one of only four provincial heads of government with the approval of at least two-in-five respondents.

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Stephen Harper Remains a Polarizing Figure for Canadians

Most respondents expect cuts in funding for programs related to the arts and film, and for the role of private health care providers to be expanded.

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Canadian, U.S. Cities Sound Similar Notes On Infrastructure Funding

Canadians and Americans may not agree on every issue of public policy, but when it comes to the issue of infrastructure, municipal leaders on both sides of the border appear to be singing from the same songbook. Just a couple

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Most Americans and Canadians Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana

Two thirds of respondents in the two countries describe the “war on drugs” as a failure.

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Governing Liberals Gain, New Democrats Lead in British Columbia

The BC Conservatives drop to their lowest level in 18 months, with the approval rating for John Cummins still in the teens.

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