Saskatchewan’s Wall Remains the Most Popular Canadian Premier

British Columbia’s Christy Clark debuts at 36 per cent—20 points higher than the premier she replaced.

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Canadians Join Canucks Bandwagon, Expect Vancouver to Win Stanley Cup

Half of respondents are excited about the announced return of the National Hockey League (NHL) to Winnipeg.

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Canadians, Hockey Fans Want to Ban Head Shots from the Game

After watching the Zdeno Chara hit, respondents overwhelmingly believe that the player got off easy.

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Saskatchewan’s Wall Becomes Most Popular Premier in Canada

Newfoundland’s Kathy Dunderdale debuts at second place, while support grows for David Alward, Greg Selinger and Darrell Dexter.

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Clean Energy Identified as Key Issue for British Columbians

Women and respondents aged 18 to 34 believe that generating clean energy and preventing climate change is important when considering any potential new energy investment.

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Canadians Flatly Reject Usage Based Billing for Internet Access

Most respondents across the country “strongly disagree” with the proposed course of action.

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