Wall Best, Charest Worst as Canadians Rank Their Premiers

All the recently re-elected heads of government improved their standing in the final quarter of the year.

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Two-in-Five Canadians Want More Action to Improve Gender Equality

The justice system is singled out as a contributing factor in violence against women, as respondents also call for more education opportunities.

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Canadian Business Owners Mostly Optimistic, But Some Are Struggling

A third of respondents have worked longer, cut expenses, and experienced increased stress due to the global financial situation.

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Most LGBT Working Canadians Experience Tolerance But Some Discrimination Persists

Despite noticeable advances, two-in-five gays and lesbians say they have experienced workplace discrimination.

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Vancouverites Grow Tired of Occupiers, Call for End to Protest

While the Occupy Vancouver protest has gained traction as an election issue, it still trails topics like sanitation, public safety and quality of life.

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Canadians Want to Ban Head Shots from Hockey, But No Consensus on Fights

The proportion of Canadians and hockey fans who are satisfied with the NHL’s efforts in looking after player safety has increased since March.

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